AGRIWORLD employs professional Farm Managers with a sound education and hands-on experience in agricultural production. Your farm investment goals and specific requirements are the basis for the design of our management program.

Your professional Farm Manager is responsible for the following important tasks:

  • Analyzing production factors and the farm's performance

  • Submitting budgets, options, and proposals for the future operation

  • Evaluating and selecting the best available tenants and/or custom operators or hiring of qualified staff and labor force

  • Supervising the farm operation

  • Managing funds and precise accounting

  • Timely completion and filing of mandatory government reports; Agency representation of owner

  • Coordinating professional services and specialized consultants such as legal counsel and tax accounting services

  • Informative and timely reporting with forecasting on a quarter-annual basis

Successful farm management must be dynamic in today's economic conditions. While farm ownership has a certain conservative character, one must - from time to time - analyze very critically what has been achieved and seek better solutions. You can depend on your AGRIWORLD Farm Manger to continually be evaluating and fine-tuning all aspects of your farm operation in order to maximize your investment goals.

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