Today's agriculture is characterized by globalization of the production systems and the entire food sector, increased environmental awareness, and redirection of the agricultural policies. All this places very high demands on the consultant, who needs technical proficiency and up to date professional knowledge. Quick access to powerful information systems and sources is imperative. The agricultural consultant has to be flexible and have the will to carry above average workloads.

The agronomists and agricultural economists of AGRIWORLD have international experience and broad contacts. AGRIWORLD is member of reputable national and international professional organizations and emphasizes continued education. We have access to a network of proven specialists in all fields of agriculture.

AGRIWORLD has specific experience in the fields of:

  • Analysis of operations and financial performance

  • Investment analysis

  • Project planning

  • Project implementation and management

Our expertise has been requested by farmers, investors, trade organizations, agricultural schools, and government agencies in many countries, including the USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Switzerland, Tunisia, Hungary and Sudan.

Certified Member of the American Society of Agricultural Consultants

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